Some links to writing I’ve had published plus some other bits and pieces if I can dig them up…

Interpreting the Synthesizer: Meaning Through Sonics (2020)
Edited by Nick Wilson
This publication collects together the conference papers presented at the 2016 Synthposium, an event I organised at SAE Institute. The theme of the conference was to look at the meanings held by synthesizers in music culture. As well as editing the collection, I contributed a chapter called The Synth Solo: Rupture in the Fabric of Recorded Music. The book was published in expensive hardback by UK publisher Cambridge Scholars. Order direct from the publisher.

For more on the Synthposium events visit the Synthposium website.

Album Rescue Series (2015)
edited by Tim Dalton & Rebecca Koss
This publication was put together by Tim Dalton, who has had many years of experience in the music industry as a live sound engineer and tour manager, as well as being a teaching colleague. Tim and his associates contribute chapters re-evaluating albums that have possibly been unfairly maligned or neglected, either by critics or audiences, making the case for why they should be appreciated. I contributed two chapters, one looking at the Models album Out of Mind Out of Sight, the other looking at Duran Duran’s Big Thing album. Copies still available I believe from Amazon and Dymocks!

Some more bits and pieces will be posted here once I’ve collated it all….

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