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Lunchtime Meditation Session video
We made a video clip for the track “Lunchtime Meditation Submission”, which we originally recorded for the Electundra 2006 compilation album. Electundra wanted video content for a DVD version of the album, which was released as a promotion for their festival at Loop Bar in 2006. The video was filmed one long weekend at the office of Leader Newspapers in the Eastern suburbs somewhere. Some might say it’s a little boring, but it is meant to be about office life after all…

Melbourne CBD Office Building Performances, 2006 Melbourne Fringe
Below are some videos covertly recorded while we were playing in buildings during our 2006 Melbourne CBD performances. Might be slightly dubious legally to do this, but I don’t think anyone is recognisable. If you see yourself in one of these videos, let us know! These mainly highlight times when something interesting or dramatic took place (mostly involving us getting evicted from buildings by security guards). They give a nice taste of what is was like to perform every day in a fairly unusual setting.

150 Lonsdale St, Melbourne:

350 Queen St, Melbourne:

390 Lonsdale St, Melbourne:

Corner Bourke & William Sts, Melbourne:

1 Nicholson St, Melbourne:

Nauru House, Melbourne:

ANZ Tower, Melbourne:

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