Random Acts of Elevator Music media

Melbourne Magazine, 2006
Short article in glossy monthly magazine that used to be included with The Age.

Sunday Age, September 2009
Interview by John Mangan in lead-up to our performances that year in Melbourne Fringe.
Herald-Sun, 2009
Interview by Alison Barclay in lead-up to 2009 Melbourne Fringe performances (although photo taken in 2006)

Sunday Night Safran on Triple-J, September 2006

The Comic Box, Channel 31, 2009
An interview promoting our Melbourne Fringe performances of 2009. We do a demo of how we set up our portable gear when infiltrating office building lifts.

MX Sydney, October 2009
Part of the press offensive for our 2009 visit to Sydney
Daily Telegraph, October 2009
More promo for our 2009 Sydney visit

New Weird Australia, FBI Radio (2009)
While in Sydney we were interviewed by Stu Buchanan on the FBI Radio show New Weird Australia (also a really cool label). We played “Lunchtime Meditation Session” live on the radio and submitted a version of the track for one of their compilations.

Australian Musician, 2010
Article by Baz Bardoe, one of our great champions in music media

Linda Kouvaras, Loading the Silence (2013)
We were honoured to have several pages devoted to Random Acts of Elevator Music in this amazing book by musician and academic Linda Kouravas. Her book Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age is a fantastic study of experimental music in Australia. Although her focus is the “post-digital” age, there is some excellent discussion of John Cage and Percy Grainger in here. One interesting aspect is the idea of the “altermodern”, which Kouvaras proposes has emerged following on from the post-modern era.

Cyclic Defrost (2017)
Review of the Random Acts of Elevator Music album on Cyclic Defrost, written by Chris Downton.

Australian Musician (2017)
Baz Bardoe interviewed me for Australian Musician and reviewed the Random Acts of Elevator Music album.

People Movers Podcast (2020)
People Movers Podcast interviewed Matt about Random Acts of Elevator. This podcast is about “highlighting the impact of escalators on everyday life”.

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