Some info will be posted here about various bands I’ve played in, sound installations I’ve produced or anything else I’ve done that may rate a mention.

Check out info coming soon on the following current and historic music and art projects:

Random Acts of Elevator Music (2003-2017)

I Am Sharing (2018-2020)

Freelance (2006-ongoing)

Writing (2015-ongoing)

Darrow (2019-ongoing)

Tiatto (2010-2016)

City Frequencies (2000-2021)

Continuum (1991-2003)

Trautoniks (2019-ongoing)

Space Is Ace (1989-1991)

The Entwined (1990-1994)

Denial (1989)

Clan Analogue (1997-ongoing)

Reductionist (2002-ongoing)

Multimedia collaborations

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