Darrow supports Ollie Olsen & Andrew Duffield in Melbourne Music Week

I’m excited to be supporting two musical heroes of mine – Ollie Olsen and Andrew Duffield – in Melbourne Music Week.

Darrow will be playing at Toff in Town, 252 Swanston St, on Sunday afternoon, 5th of December, warming up the audience with some synth compositions before Ollie Olsen, Andrew Duffield and Bill McDonald take the stage.

Tickets are available from the Melbourne Music Week website.

Hot Coppers

In 2021 I have been playing keyboards in the new band Hot Coppers. This is the solo project for indie producer extraordinaire Gareth Parton.

The Hot Coppers album is coming out on Lost & Lonesome Records sometime, maybe this year. I should point out that I cannot claim credit for the recorded work, I’m just a ring-in for the live band. But it’s been fun playing with some great musicians, including Gus Franklin, Mark Monnone, Louis Richter and Dave Turner.

Check out the debut Hot Coppers single “Sunflower Seeds” here!

Distance album launch at Cafe Gummo

In February, I played two sets at Cafe Gummo in Thornbury for the launch of the new Clan Analogue compilation Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space. First up I joined Jennifer Lea for a two iPads and guitar set, then later in the evening played with Matt Adair as City Frequencies, performing an extended version of our track on the compilation.

Check out this excellent collection of drone music on the Clan Analogue website. Also available in cassette format!

playing with Jennifer Lea
photo by Damian Murphy
City Frequencies do a rare live performance
photo by Damian Murphy

City Frequencies on Distance compilation

A new City Frequencies track has been included on the new Clan Analogue compilation album Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space. This is a compilation of (mostly) Australian drone music, available via streaming, download and limited edition cassette.

For more about the album, head to the Clan Analogue website. There are some great artists on the release, including Kazumichi Grime, Nicole Skeltys, Michael Mildren, iubar project and Jennifer Lea.

Our City Frequencies track “The Interests of Entities” is built from the combination of two different audio phenomena that represent the hidden forms of communication and technology that surround us. Firstly, a software defined radio frequency scanner makes audible the radio signals around us we are not meant to hear, from the artifacts of the software scanning process itself, the ethereal spaces between radio stations and transmitters to the electronic byproducts of a digitally connected landscape, all occurring at frequencies above 30 Mhz and recorded from within the heart of the city.

Take a listen!

Wound Without a Tear compilation

I’m honoured to have had a track from Random Acts of Elevator Music, originally recorded in 2006, included on a new compilation of classic Australian ambient music from 1993-2008. Wound Without a Tear has been released by local label Daisart in both download and vinyl formats. As well as the Random Acts of Elevator Music track “Waiting in the Foyer”, there is some great music by Kaputnik, Ros Bandt, Kazumichi Grime, Pelican Daughters, Pretty Boy Crossover and more. Order now!

Have a listen to Wound Without a Tear on Bandcamp:

I Am Sharing

Nick Wilson’s I Am Sharing is an exploration in sound of social media as the dominant medium for our interaction with the world today. In a completely improvised performance, audience members share social media posts to be sampled and molded into a new sonic work created in the moment. Each performance is unique to the night, as Nick surfs the waves of a non-stop social media feed.

Book tickets for the live streamed I Am Sharing shows in the Melbourne Digital Fringe at https://melbournefringe.com.au/event/i-am-sharing/

Dates: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 19th-21st November
Times: 9pm-10pm each night

The performances in the Digital Fringe will present I Am Sharing in its originally-intended format, as a completely online experience. I Am Sharing was publicly premiered last year in the Jolt Sonic Arts Festival at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

The first performance of I Am Sharing was in November 2018. Check out some excerpts here: