Here are a few freelance projects I’ve worked on over the years.

Cold War Reliquary (2018)
Dale Cox & Guy Richards
A piece of video art by Victorian sculptor and conceptual artist Dale Cox, directed by Guy Richards. Some space-themed synth music was requested for this one. I gave it a medieval flavour by combining the synths with a Gregorian chant sample and a modal tonality.

Planetary Coins (2017)
Royal Australian Mint / Transmission Design
Melbourne-based graphic design company Transmission Design were commissioned by the Royal Australian Mint to create a promotional video to help coin collectors set up the diorama for a limited edition set of “planetary coins”. It needed some space-themed synth music to provide the right atmos so I stepped in to help. This was awarded Silver in the Didactics category at the International Institute for Information Design Awards in 2020.

PB Go (2010)
Never Can Tell / Transmission Design
I was asked to provide a Black-Eyed Peas style soundtrack for the promo for this iPhone app. I decided to combine it with a Chariots of Fire vibe to go with the “Personal Best” theme.

Ruben’s Cube (2009)
Dianne Janes (director)

I composed the soundtrack with Derek Supryka for the short film Ruben’s Cube. It was nominated for Best Independent Live Action Short in the 2009 Kids First! Film Festival in San Francisco. Here’s an excerpt from the score:

Absolute Zero (2006)
Alan Woodruff (director)

Alan asked me to record a rendition of the Aria from JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations for the closing credits of his short film Absolute Zero. He was after something like Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording, so I played it and mixed it with that style in mind. Simon Grounds recorded the piano. The film won a stack of awards! Check out my version of the Bach Aria here:

Some more bits and pieces will be posted here once I’ve collated it all….

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