Darrow are a Melbourne-based psychedelic synth duo consisting of father and daughter team Nick and Gabbie Darrow.

Darrow were formed following Nick and Gabbie Darrow’s escape from a restrictive anti-musical cult in the Byron Bay hinterlands. Nick Darrow had brought up his daughter Gabbie within a strict regime of enforced silence and a ban on any form of sonic stimulation.  Gabbie came across a secret synthesizer which had been smuggled into the community by someone from her youth group. Every night she used it to expose her father to low-level triangle waves at a frequency slightly below the threshold of Alpha brain activity. Over many months Nick was progressively deprogrammed through the power of synthesis. One night during a lunar eclipse they escaped the cult together.

Continuing their exploration of synth-induced mental programming Nick and Gabbie have relocated to Melbourne and are bringing their sonic work to the live stage. After several acclaimed performances in 2019 Darrow have lain low during lockdown, maintaining their daily regime of triangle wave mind meditations to avoid relapse into unproductive mental states. They are now ready to rock again during Melbourne Music Week.

Well, some of the above may be slightly exaggerated. Gabbie is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays in Cynthia, The Bleeding Flares and The Black Heart Death Cult.

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