Wound Without a Tear compilation

I’m honoured to have had a track from Random Acts of Elevator Music, originally recorded in 2006, included on a new compilation of classic Australian ambient music from 1993-2008. Wound Without a Tear has been released by local label Daisart in both download and vinyl formats. As well as the Random Acts of Elevator Music track “Waiting in the Foyer”, there is some great music by Kaputnik, Ros Bandt, Kazumichi Grime, Pelican Daughters, Pretty Boy Crossover and more. Order now!

Have a listen to Wound Without a Tear on Bandcamp:

Published by Nick E Wilson

My twenty-five year career as a musician covers composition, performance and teaching, with a focus on electronic music and sound art. I have also been known as Nick Fakeman, n-Entropy, Professor Entropy and Nicholas Bates at various times in my career. Musical projects have included Tiatto, Random Acts of Elevator Music, Reductionist, Continuum, The Entwined and Space Is Ace, guest appearances with Winduptoys, Philosophy of Sound and Re-Sound and various production credits. I have also worked on several sound installation projects, including City Frequencies, Cafe Voyeur and Bush Resonance. Over the last ten years I have managed the Clan Analogue record label. My professional interests include: • Teaching and training • Music composition and performance • Independent art project administration Currently I am employed as an Audio Lecturer at SAE Institute. This blog will be a forum to write about various things that interest me, mainly in the field of music but potentially further afield, depending on what grabs my attention.

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