photo by Rikki Bunder

Darrow at Toff in Town

On December 5th Darrow played at the Toff in Town in Swanston St, Melbourne, supporting the legendary Andrew Duffield, Ollie Olsen and Bill McDonald for a Melbourne Music Week event. A good crowd response has inspired Darrow to get into the studio and record some tracks in 2022!

Darrow supports Ollie Olsen & Andrew Duffield in Melbourne Music Week

I’m excited to be supporting two musical heroes of mine – Ollie Olsen and Andrew Duffield – in Melbourne Music Week. Darrow will be playing at Toff in Town, 252 Swanston St, on Sunday afternoon, 5th of December, warming up the audience with some synth compositions before Ollie Olsen, Andrew Duffield and Bill McDonald take…

Hot Coppers

In 2021 I have been playing keyboards in the new band Hot Coppers. This is the solo project for indie producer extraordinaire Gareth Parton. The Hot Coppers album is coming out on Lost & Lonesome Records sometime, maybe this year. I should point out that I cannot claim credit for the recorded work, I’m just…